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Bengali word "Shishuder Jonno Aamra" means –"We are for the Children" began in July 2010 with 15 children and within one year period 30 street children have been taken over by SJA. The founder of the organization Hazera Bagum a brave woman, who had the experience of staying on the street. She has struggled through the life, made her own identity, won national and international awards for her strong support to win over HIV epidemic in Bangladesh, and has committed herself to save the children of the street.Hazera collected funds through personal efforts. Funds includes individual donation, jakat, rice from the neighbors, collection of meat on the occasion of Eid–Ul Azha, clothes from some garment factory owners , old clothes from anyone …as a result some children are staying in a home , not on the street.With time Hazera got support from university students specially Dhaka and Jahangir Nagar University and from her networks with CBOs, NGOs, DPs, Journalists, her neighbors among others Currently this very personal initiative has become a registered organization with Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh: Shishuder Jonno Aamra! This is a fragile beginning of a great initiative, needs a long way to go and needs support from everyone around it to sustain and render service to the children of the street that includes children of the sex workers, orphans and floating poor and disadvantaged children of the country.